Super Saiyan Dragon Z Warriors

Super Saiyan Dragon Z Warriors

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In another universe, there is a Super Saiyan Hero have become Legendary, his from another planet like Earth ! We’re talking about making up the story of the legendary fight with Lord Frieze, Mutant Cell,Terminator Majin, Cursed Kid, CrazyMan Broly, against Fusion War to protect our planet save our life!

By tapping the screen with fingers, the player can cause an intense battle to unfold and enjoy the fighting action on their smartphone. Utilizing the smartphone’s sense of control to its greatest extent, super-high-speed fights are possible.The player will have chance to use the cool skills effect like Ki Blast, Gigantic Gun, Death Ball , Dragon Finger Ball and so much action skills.

– Story Mode : Allows players to play through the original events of the Super Saiyan story.

– Survival Mode : Survival mode is a game mode in which the player must continue playing for as long as possible in an uninterrupted session while the game presents them with increasingly difficult waves of challenges.

– Legend Mode : Fight with Strong Enemies to get more rewards like weapons , items ,gems.

– Team Mode : This mode allows up to 4 players to join battle to complete missions in cooperation. It allows players who have difficulty to complete missions alone to find help to complete them. In Team Mode , you need use Key to fight match.

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