NYHET 2020

初心者向けガイドミスターアンドミセスダイアモンドスロット 705607

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5 min We arrived at Mexico citycapital of Mexico The first day we saw a dead body in the station and shocked As days gone byit was betting better because we touched Mexican kindness It is gonna be fun to travel in Mexico. We stayed in Guanajuato This town is famous for. Colorful and beautiful houses Besides there is a festival hereso taking a nap is so interesting We enojyed it so much We went to Teotihuacan which is the biggest ruin in Latin America It is peaceful place The sky was so blue and lots of butterflies were and birds were singing We have traveled for 10 months As our travel is longerour hair is longer naturally So I cut Take's sideburns finally Take becomes coolerdoesn't he. We went to San cristbal de las casas to see unique townscape All the houses has Asian balcony and colorful walls It is interesting for Mexican houses to have those We went to Isla mujeres That island locates 8 km far from Cancun and so beautiful. I have never seen such a beautifulclear sea.

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初心者向けガイドミスターアンドミセスダイアモンドスロット 180814